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Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Are you looking for a challenging, fun and safe sport for your daughter to turn herself upside down, rather than your house?

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Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) is the perfect sport to teach your daughter co-ordination and confidence, develop creativity and contribute to her general health and fitness. For more details about what the sport entails, look at Gymnastics Australia's information.


  • To help the gymnast reach their full potential.
  • To create a sense of team spirit amongst the gymnasts.
  • To create a positive relationship between parents, coaches and gymnasts.

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  • Gymnasts and parents are committed to attending all training sessions.
  • Once gymnasts are selected it is expected that they are committed to their training in all respects.
  • Coaches expect that the gymnasts come to training with a positive attitude and a willingness to improve.
  • Parents ensure that gymnasts are on time to all training sessions.
  • Gymnasts are expected to attend all competitions that the club enters during the competition season.

Gymnast on beam


Competitions at Levels 1-3 are team based and as such, awards and qualifying for the State Pennant finals are based on the team’s collective scores. Individual scores are not displayed and are not known to either gymnasts or parents in accordance with Gymnastics Victoria guidelines. This system ensures that gymnasts form a great sense of team spirit and works extremely well at making competitions a fun and exciting experience.

Gymnast in handstand on floor

At levels 4 and above, individual scores are displayed at competitions and gymnasts receive awards based only on their own score. Gymnasts also then qualify individually for the Victorian Championships Finals. It’s important that parents do not place a great emphasis on gymnasts’ scores throughout competition season as coaches feel that this places too much pressure on gymnasts and should not be the focus of competitions.

Gymnasts on podium

Training Hours

Gymnasts enrolled in the WAG levels program are required to train all the prescribed sessions. The number of hours trained per week varies according to the level of the gymnast and is in accordance with the recommendations and limitations of Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia.

It’s important that the gymnast train all of their sessions as coaches' planning for the lesson, term and year is based on this. Also, WAG levels progress at a rapid rate and so if gymnasts are to be competitive in their level and upgrade to the next level, they must train the maximum number of hours or risk falling behind in their skills.